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Poacher rules out Down job

"But unfortunately for me with a few faces on the county board, my face doesn't fit. I'm not going to come out and say I'd be interested in this job or that."

Published by Anthony McNamee on 14th September 2015.

BALLYHOLLAND manager Steven Poacher had some interesting things to say after his team defeated Clonduff to reach the quarter-finals of the Senior Championship.

The Harps boss said: “I’m absolutely delighted to get over the line. In the first half we were very poor, very slow and very sluggish. Clonduff’s transition from defence to attack was much quicker than ours.

“They were causing us lots of problems, particularly Barry og O’Hagan in the first 20 minutes. They spooked us a bit. But we re-adjusted and we pinned them down a wee bit when Niall McQuillan went onto O’Hagan.

“We had injuries to key men and picked up a black card on the stroke of half-time.

“Still we gambled at half time, pushing Robbie White from centre-half back to centre-half forward and he was an absolute revelation. I thought he turned the game and caused them an unbelievable amount of problems.”

Steven then had a pop at various people, saying: “What has been fired at this club all year has been nothing short of phenomenal. We have some taken serious criticism from the social media and from national newspapers. Joe Brolly even has taken time from his busy schedule to have a dig at us about our playing style.

“To win a game 2-11 to 1-13 doesn’t say much about defensive football in my eyes. This team has got everything, especially resilience. After everything the county board fired at us all season, we’ve responded.

“There were times we felt we were harshly done by. They have taken two points off us in the league. It doesn’t matter what they do, whether they deduct points, whether they fire suspensions at us, we will still respond and keep fighting, keep battling. What this team has can’t be coached.”

On the Down manager’s job: “At this moment in time I’m absolutely delighted to be working with Ballyholland. They have a fantastic committee with no agendas and no outside interests. I am allowed to get on with my job. And I have a very honest bunch of players who have a fantastic camaraderie.

“As far as managing at inter-county level, maybe in the near future. But probably not in Down. Unfortunately my face doesn’t fit with the hierarchy and that’s the way it has to be.

“In my own belief I rate myself as a top coach. I think I’m one of the best coaches in the county and I don’t say that with arrogance, I say it with confidence. My track record at school and club level proves that.

“But unfortunately for me with a few faces on the county board, my face doesn’t fit. I’m not going to come out and say I’d be interested in this job or that. Maybe in due time but not now. At the minute I’m not one bit interested,” said Poacher.


Story originally published in the Newry Democrat.

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