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The Lotto Returns on Sunday 7 June.

And as a little thank you for your patience and loyalty, we’ve dropped an additional £400 onto our jackpot, taking it up to a whopping £7,500.

The draw will take place at 9.15pm sharp on Sunday, and published immediately on Facebook.

How to Play

Buy Your Tickets Online

You can now buy tickets online through our Klubfunder account: including the ability to purchase multiple weeks at once, and set up recurring payments.

You can also call into McQuillan’s Shop in Ballyholland to buy your ticket(s) for the week ahead. Just be aware that the shop currently closes at 6pm on Sundays.

If you prefer to set up a manual standing order i.e. pay for 10 weeks in advance, have a word with Jim, Aidy or Anthony.

Notes for Sellers

  • Please leave your weekly tickets in McQuillan’s Shop no later than 5.30pm on the Sunday. Only the Lotto Committee will be permitted into the clubrooms for the draw.
  • Any standing orders that were paid up prior to 15th March will simply roll over to the coming week. You don’t need to do anything.
  • If you would like to convert your weekly tickets into a standing order to the club, have a word with Jim, Aidy or Anthony.